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Why EEE...?

Electrical Engineering, the discipline that employs the largest number of Engineers, covers everything related to electrical devices and use of electricity. Also it is one of the Three pillars of ancient and modern day engineering.


The mission of Ydyud is to train & transform its students into well trained and highly motivated engineers, who contribute to nation building with high degree of professional excellence.

What makes us unique?

Ydyud is the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Association of College of Engineering Munnar. This association came into being in the year 2005 as the result of combined efforts of teachers and students. It aims overall evolution of each electrical engineer into a world class engineer who excells in what they do, when they do and how they do.
The majestic Ydyudian's march under the motto of "We Gather Strength as We Go Towards a Blooming World of Technologies".

The Schedule of EE 806 Viva Voce

Principal's Message

Best Wishes to Ydyud. Our motto must be to help to learn the processes to generate and distribute electric Power, control electrically operated machines and to maintain all.

The Schedule of EE 806 Viva Voce

HOD's Message

Ydyud, provides a necessary platform for the students of Electrical Dept. to honor their technical as well as extracurricular skills.

The Schedule of EE 806 Viva Voce

About Institution

College of Engineering Munnar is an Institute of higher learning established by Government of Kerala and is managed by the Center for Continuing Education Kerala (CCEK). The Institution was started in the year 2000, and is recognized by CUSAT.

The Schedule of EE 806 Viva Voce

Our Vision

To establish a unique identity of CE Munnar by development of High Quality Technological Resources and Technical Man Power for contribution to the economic and social development of the Nation.